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Book your next activity at the c.v. starr

Image by Vicko Mozara
Swim Parties

Full Room: $270 (30 swimmers)

Half Room: $170 (15 swimmers)

Make a splash! Host your next party at the
C.V. Starr Community Center! Invite your
friends and family to join the fun. This party
rental is available on Saturdays and will take
place from 1pm to 4pm during our
Swim/Slide/Splash hours.

Water Slide and Splash Features.JPG
Pool & Water Park Rental

Leisure/Activity Pool (No Features):

Water Slide & Lazy River (Same Time):

Water Slide & Lazy River (Alternating):

Competition Pool:

Lane Rental:
$30/Hour per Lane

All rentals of aquatic facilities are subject to availability.

Image by Cytonn Photography
Multi-purpose room rental

Full Room: $250/Day or $70/Hour        (50 people)

Full Room: $200/Day or $40/Hour
(50 people Non-Profit)

Payment is due at the time of booking. Facility rentals should be booked advance, and are subject to availability. Refunds will not be given unless the party or rental is cancelled at least 7 days in advance of the rental. If you wish to have a refund a $10 processing fee will be deduced from the refund. There is no fee to have credit put on your account.
*Insurance is required on all Rentals excluding C.V. Starr Swim Parties

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